Everything you need to know about LoCO2

Serving the UK from its base in Tiverton, Devon, LoCo2 Heat was established to offer competitively priced products while delivering comprehensive support.

We have brought together the best value components for district heating and biomass installers, along with technical support from in-house system engineers with decades of experience in these fields. We specialise in HVAC, process engineering, CHP, commercial and domestic heating as well as renewables. To add to our range of expertise, we also offer design and hire services. We do highlight a little snippet of the services we are able to offer you but if you gave us a call with your query, you’ll soon discover there’s so much more to us.

Time is money for engineers on site, so LoCO’s mission is to always ensure prompt deliveries of specialist parts. We also pride ourselves in innovative solutions such as pre-plumbed buffers and boilers as well as bespoke HIUs to ensure you spend less time installing.

Our business is to ensure your business is successful. We have the in-house support to ensure any queries ranging from underground heat pipe sizing to pressure drop through heat exchangers and RHI compliant schematics to fuel store design is dealt with by our LoCO2 experts!

We aim to be your first and last call for all of the parts you need, for any type of installation. We pride ourselves in our customer service and technical staff, but more than that, we take exceptional pride in sourcing those harder to get parts.

Put your feet up and call LoCO2 Heat; let us be the partner for parts you never knew you needed.

Our promise to you

We hereby solemnly promise to always supply you with: