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LoCO2 Heat specialise in the supply of underground pre insulated pipe and fittings for heat distribution and cooling networks. It also commonly gets referred to as underground heat main or district heating pipe, but whatever you decide to call it, we can supply a range of pre insulated underground pipe products from manufacturers such as Uponor and Rehau to cover all your needs.

District heating networks are the most common use for pre insulated pipe. This is essentially where a single centralised heat source such as a biomass boiler, is used to heat to heat multiple buildings as opposed to using single boilers in each. Here pre insulated pipe is used to connected the single heat source to the multiple buildings to provide all the heating and hot water requirements. They are becoming increasingly popular, with many new build estates being heat via this sort of network as not only can the capital cost overall be less, but it is considered a more efficient way of heating buildings so lowers operations costs and helps to minimise carbon emissions.

LoCO2 Heat have a team of highly knowledgeable in-house engineers with years of experience. We can offer the complete service to you, with anything ranging from just the supply of the pre insulated pipe, all the way up to the full service that incorporates sizing, design, drawings and installation; we can assist as much or as little as your require.

We have worked on many district heating projects in the past, one of which is considered to be the largest polymer district heating network in the UK, where over 7km of pre insulated pipe was used, so you can trust us with your project.

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